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  • 17 April 2017

    "EverSpring" is the first company in Russia and CIS countries who has got the European Certificate OEKO-TEX

We produce pocket spring units for the furniture industry

Our pocket spring units eliminates the effect of «hammock» in its using and  gives unique orthopedic properties for mattresses and upholstered  furniture! It follows the shape of the body.

With our pocket springs, your furniture will give a feeling of freedom in movements and comfort to the customers during their rest.

Product Catalogue


    optimal solution for the upholstered furniture and mattresses


    “premium class” spring system, which provides increased anatomical and orthopedic effect due to a larger number of springs

  • DS

    pocket spring unit with the shape “spring in spring” are recommended for partners with big difference in body weight

  • MINI

    pocket spring unit for transforming headboards and upholstered furniture with the «Sedaflex» transformation mechanism